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Top Tips for Low Maintenance Pool Landscape Design

Ready to build a backyard pool but want one that is worry-free? Learn all the top tips for low-maintenance pool landscape design such as what material to choose and what plants can withstand a Canadian winter.

Who doesn’t want a backyard swimming pool? A quick cool down in the sunny summer months, fun for the kids, a beautiful backdrop and place to entertain, plus added value to your home and proven health benefits. The pros of having a pool are seemingly endless.

But swimming pools do come with some drawbacks such as continued maintenance and running costs. In Ontario, where you might only get frequent use of your pool for three or four months of the year, you ideally want a pool that is low maintenance and does not require a lot of work when not in use. But does such a thing exist?

The short answer: yes. There are a lot of ways to bring down the level of maintenance your backyard pool requires. In this article, we will share some of our top tips for low maintenance pool landscape design.

Can Low Maintenance Pool Landscape Design Still Look Good?

Before we dive into our tips about low maintenance pool design, let’s first put this worry to bed. A common concern that many of our Ontario clients come to us with, is wanting a low maintenance pool that is still attractive and aesthetically pleasing. The great news is that this is quite simple to achieve.

Low maintenance pools can still be aesthetically pleasing, fit with your backyard, and be styled how you choose. With the right materials, colors, features, and landscaping, you can have a beautiful backyard pool area that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

Fiberglass Pool showing step options with custom interlock patio by Boulder Design

In 2022, the global pool cleaning and maintenance services market was valued at US$ 24.7 billion. And its expected to grow to US$ 49.9 billion by the end of 2032. Pool upkeep is getting expensive so its not only your time and ease of use you want to think about, but also saving a few bucks.

Choose the Right Pool Material

The first step in achieving this dream low maintenance backyard pool is to think about what material you want to use. One of the major benefits of a fiberglass pool is that the material is known for being durable and low maintenance. The gel coat layer that fiberglass pools typically lasts several decades (and possibly more) if well cared for.

The alternative options are concrete and vinyl. Both require more maintenance than fiberglass pools but they have a lower initial cost.

Concrete typically lasts around ten years (and after that the resurfacing costs thousands of dollars). Another drawback of concrete is that pool plaster is known to crack and flake, so you may need to make incremental pool repairs to stop these cracks from becoming a greater issue.

Vinyl liner pools are the least durable of the three options. They can be a hassle to maintain because the liner needs to be replaced once every 5 to 10 years. This sets you back thousands of dollars each time and sometimes you can have a long wait for delivery.

Quick Construction Time

Another area of low maintenance pool design to think about is how long construction will take. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, you might also be wanting a pool that means your backyard is a construction site for as little time as possible.

Fiberglass swimming pools come directly to the manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to install. This means that the majority of construction takes place at the manufacturer’s facility rather than at your home. In comparison, a concrete pool can take more than a month to complete and will have your backyard looking a mess the whole time.

Hamilton Fiberglass Pool Installed by Boulder Design Landscape Construction

A Low Maintenance Pool Deck

You don’t only want your backyard pool to be low maintenance, ideally, the whole pool area would be too. If you want to keep your pool area low maintenance to a minimum, pick a pool deck material that’s easy to clean and look after.

A concrete patio is often a safe option and requires little maintenance. You can choose brushed or textured concrete, for the most carefree outdoor living space. Stamped concrete is another option that is popular and attractive. While it is not very high maintenance, it can be slippery and will need a recoat every few years.

Tile and paved patio can require a some upkeep. The gaps can get weeds growing in between them if you don’t keep them filled with jointing sand. But if done correctly, jointing sand should last for 10-15 years with small maintenance needs to fill gaps if they appear between the pavers.

But in the long term tile and pavers that can be less hassle compared to concrete. Repairs on tiled or paved decks are a breeze compared to dealing with major concrete cracks.

Wood is another option a lot of people look into for their pool decks. It can be stylish material and look great in a backyard pool area but will be more effort to maintain than concrete or tiles. If you want a wood look, but low maintenance, we recommend composite decking which has a minimum lifespan of 25-30 years with very low general maintenance over the product’s lifetime.

Pool Maintenance Equipment

There is no pool that is completely maintenance freed. Some maintenance is unavoidable. However, you can have a lower maintenance pool that is more energy efficient and produces less noise if you choose the right pool maintenance equipment.

Some pool equipment to consider include:

  • Variable-speed pump
  • Large pipes
  • Suitable skimmers
  • Automatic sanitizers—i.e. saltwater chlorinators.

Another plus to having a fiberglass pool is that they are algae-resistant. This means they are easier to clean and that you can use fewer chemicals than other pool types. Less chemicals not only means easier upkeep but can also make it simpler to comply with Ontario pool regulations for draining your pool water.

Choose the Right Low Maintenance Plants For Canadian Climates

Another great way to reduce the maintenance required for your pool landscape is to pick plants that are well-suited to the Ontario climate. You want plants that will both withstand the cold winters and keep the bugs away in summer.

Frost tolerant succulents and sedum are a great option for an Ontario backyard pool landscape. They are low maintenance and require minimal watering. They also come in a wide range of colours and styles which brings a unique and exciting look to your pool.

If you are looking to add some privacy to your pool area, you could consider the Emerald Green Arborvitae or other conifer. These shrubs require little upkeep and are a simple way to give yourself and your family some privacy as you lounge by the pool.

Your Ontario Pool Contractor

To make your pool low maintenance, you can opt for features that require minimal upkeep. From choosing a durable material to thinking about the entire pool area and what features and plants you want to include. Using hardscaping elements that don’t require painting or sealing, and drought-resistant plants that don’t require frequent watering are some simple ways to reduce pool maintenance.

Fiberglass pools are a top choice for backyard pools in Ontario right now as their durability means they are low maintenance. This removes much of the hassle of having a pool and the customizations mean that you can create the dream pool for your backyard in a short amount of time.

If you’re looking for a pool contractor that knows the ins and outs of designing and installing a low-maintenance pool that is still aesthetically pleasing and fits your backyard landscape, look no further. We have built low maintenance backyard pools across the province and are familiar with all of the local regulations your property will need to comply with.

*Want to be completely maintenance free? Ask about our pool owner maintenance packages!*

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